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Training Script Empty Training Script

on Mon Nov 20, 2017 3:56 pm
(Please use green chat when training)

Hello my name is (insert name here) Welcome to the official training of ICC

Today we will be learning about the rules, and regulations that we have here at ICC as well as useful information that you will need to know

Please feel free to take notes as I will be asking questions at the end

Feel free to ask about our website after your training Smile

If I'm going too fast tell me at anytime and I will slow down or repeat something for you

Alright, so let's begin are you ready?
(Wait for response)

First off I would like to thank you for choosing to join ICC

Now we will go over some general information about ICC as well as commands and also rules and regulations

ICC stands for Intelligence Command Center

We are a firm but fair agency we only want the best experience for you and everyone else that is here.

Everyone is equal no matter what rank, race, gender status, or beliefs

Please make sure to respect everyone as you would like to be

All badges should be owned by YodasBathTub or UNYKORN.

Any other badges that are made for ICC but do not have those names as owners are not official

We pay 2 - 5 c daily . Our pay times are 10pm EST and 12pm EST*. You may collect your pay once a day.

A promotion may be your reward in place of pay if you wish up until HR+

You must be working 2+ hours in base to get pay.

Do you have any questions about what was just said?
(Wait for response)

We will now go over some of the basic commands we have here at ICC

FTF - Fill the Front
You fill the open stations at the front desk, this is where you will mostly be working,

You job is assisting new recruits as well as letting existing members in

FTB - Fill the Back
This is where you go to AFK, please do not AFK at the Front Desks, Security, or Training area

FTS - Fill the Security
This is where you run Security, you must check the person Badges, Uniform, Motto, and Promoter (BUMP) are correct

And also sending new recruits to the Training area

BTB - Back to Base
If you are messaged to BTB please come back and assist at base

ATT - Attention
If you are called to Attention by Liaison please stand and answer with “Yes Sir or Yes Ma’am”

While in Attention please stand there until further notice

AE - At Ease
At Ease means to continue on with what you were doing

For example; Sitting back down.

These conclude of all of the commands, would you like me to repeat anything?
(wait for response)

Next we will learn the rules and regulations of ICC

Respect and follow the Habboway at all times

Please be respectful to everyone , Regardless of Rank, Age, Gender, Race, and beliefs.

Keep inappropriate jokes or sayings to your personal chat, to ensure the safety of our younger members.

Double jobbing is not permitted at ICC, Consequences can lead up to being fired!

Self promoting is also not permitted at ICC, Consequences can lead up to being fired!

Do not ask for pay or promotion, they are earned by working and they will be given out accordingly

Please do not insult people in the base, it will not be tolerated, if you have a problem or issue with someone solve it in private chat or come to an Admin

Please do not spam HQ or the Forum, you will face a mute if this happens, contact the person personally and await a response

Please do not use Color chat it is only allowed for Admin ranks.
or special occasions

Would you like me to repeat any of these rules or further explain?
(Wait for response)

Lastly you will now be tested, feel free to use chat history or notes.

Please whisper me when you are ready.

Ask the Recruit 2 easy questions and 3 difficult.

E1. What does AE stand for?
E2. What does FTB stand for?
E3. What does FTS stand for?
E4.What does BTB stand for?

D1. Who must own all ICC badges?
D2.If someone is causing trouble in base what are your options?
D3.Is colored chat allowed?
D4.Name one rule in ICC that must be followed

After Training:

Congratulations you have passed training

Thank you for your patience throughout this session

Please make your new motto: <ICC> Intel Operator [Your Tag]

Good job, please remember my name as you will need it for security.

If you have any issues you may contact the most immediate Admin or HR

End of Training
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